How Yoga started…

My first ever yoga experience was with my mom at a fitness expo in 2012. It. Was. Hard. I’ve competed in gymnastics on a national level my entire life, and i was struggling.

A year passed. May of 2013 i began to get very painful stomach aches. I remember in my human anatomy class, telling my best friend Hailey i thought i was dying. The pain kept coming, i just toughed it out. Graduation day came, hours before i was to walk on the stage and receive my diploma, i was curled up in a ball screaming in pain. I went to every doctor you can imagine, i even went to the Mayo Clinic for 2 weeks. Nothing. My white blood cells were 4x higher than abnormal was. I actually wanted to die i was so miserable. I was only 18 at the time, i took such great care of my body. I worked out every day, ate so clean, why me? I started seeking holistic health. I began to learn so much about the human body. I saw on instagram this Yoga Girl, who now is my biggest inspiration, had been taking care of her pain through yoga. So i went to my first hot yoga class at Sumits in Springfield. It was hard, i actually thought i was going to pass out a few times. But the end approached, i’ve never felt so amazing in my life. I had no pain at all.

I became addicted. One day i was actually on my way to the hospital to get hooked up to a drip bag of morphine (because thats all they would do for me), I decided to go and lay on my yoga mat and breathe for an hour. I remember the teacher saying this, “As long as you have your breath, you have your yoga”. I stayed for that class, and another one. Long story short, no hospital trip.

Fast forward to May 2014. As i was coaching the 5 am CrossFit class, i heard some ladies talking about me. They called me over to them and go, “You should teach a yoga class for the CrossFitters on their rest day”. I blinked, thought for a few seconds, squinted my eyes, (when i am up to something, this is the exact thing i do), and replied, “Okay lets have one Wednesday at 5:30 am. 2 days later, 16 people, some who i don’t know, show up with their mats. Um..Okay sure i will teach you 16 people some yoga. (Thinking it would just be Amy, Angie, Liz, and April.) My exact thoughts were, “Wow Alexus, look what you’ve just got yourself into.”
The class was amazing. I still remember every face, what incense i used, what songs i played, what poses i attempted to teach.

It was the most humbling experience i have ever had.

I am a natural leader, I love helping people regain life. I started teaching more and more. I fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment. Taking these people through such an emotional, eye opening experience.

I got certified December 2014 at Sivananda Ashram. I opened a yoga studio January of 2015, and i will never look back.


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