I dare you to travel

3 months have gone by from the last time I got on here. 3 months of crazy ups and downs. 3 months of insane human experiences I will never forget. I cannot even put into words what this small town hippie chick has encountered. It has been good. It’s even better knowing that this is just the beginning!

Civilization is good, don’t get me wrong. The comfort of modern life and the easy accessibility to almost anything and everything. Wow don’t even get me started on how excited I am to sleep in my own bed, take my car to the store and get organic and affordable kale, take a warm shower and actually have water pressure.

But, I dare you to travel.

I dare you to take the road people dream to take but are too afraid because society has sculpted them to the same standard check list. I dare you to sell the things that are just things and only take up space and time. I dare you to meet people from different countries who make you a better person. I dare you to book a ticket to a place you’ve never been before with no plans or expectations. I dare you to sleep on a beach in the middle of no where and wake up to the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. I dare you to rely on true and genuine people to guide you along your journey. Good vibes attract good vibes. I dare you to ditch your suit case and purchase a backpack. I dare you to walk barefoot on foreign grounds. I dare you to leave your clothes in the bushes and jump in the ocean on a full moon. I dare you to jump in the deep waters to swim with a whale shark bigger than a school bus. I dare you to live off mangoes beans and cashews in the jungle. I dare you to stay up all night chanting Hare Krishna and other words that make no since to you. I dare you to hitch hike, because it really isn’t as bad as they make it out to be. I dare you to sleep in strangers houses who get it and support you for following your heart. I dare you to be different, to slow down, to feel, to experience this precious thing called life.

At one point in this existence, you will realize that those expensive things you purchase with hours of your life truly do not matter. For they are only weights that carry you down from your true purpose. If you dare to travel I promise you will learn to love yourself more than you could imagine. You will learn patience and peace. You will learn that you are capable of some pretty awesome things. You will learn to be brave, to be free, to let go.

I dare you to travel, before it’s too late. 




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